Want the Best Septic Tank Possible?

Want the Best Septic Tank Possible?

Pick our septic tank riser installation service in King County & Pierce County, WA

If you want to create easy access to your septic tank, or you're don't know where it is, schedule a septic tank riser installation by Veteran Pumping and Septic LLC. A septic tank's riser is a pipe that creates a safe and convenient way for professionals to reach your tank. This makes it easy to perform inspections and pumping if necessary. A riser will keep groundwater out and foul smells in. For an added benefit, we'll add a septic tank lid to cover the pipe and disguise the riser in your yard.

Ready for your septic tank riser installation? Schedule our team in King County & Pierce County, WA or the surrounding areas by calling 253-948-8992.

We make our septic riser installation easy

You’ll get better access to your septic system in a few easy steps. Our team will:

  • Excavate the area above your tank
  • Install your riser
  • Add the septic tank lid
  • Cover the lid with a layer of grass

For more information, contact our team today.