Let Us Clear Your Clogged Septic Lines

Let Us Clear Your Clogged Septic Lines

We provide line clearing services in King County & Pierce County, WA

Wondering how your septic lines became clogged in the first place? Over time, cracked pipes will allow for roots and other debris to get inside. When that happens, your septic system is vulnerable to clogs and backups. Thankfully, Veteran Pumping and Septic LLC is here to help.

Our team provides world-class line clearing services and septic tank pumping in King County & Pierce County, WA. We'll come to your property, find the issue and provide a quick and easy solution. Schedule your service today by calling 253-948-8992.

Here's what we can do for you

Our team is ready and able to provide you with line clearing services. Count on us to:

  • Use a pipe snake to break up debris
  • Work on septic and sewer systems
  • Provide thorough septic tank pumping

Your septic system will be completely back to normal once we’re finished.